Tuffy JR Bone 2 Durable Squeaky Soft Dog Toy

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Product description

Use the Tuffy Jr. Bone2 Dog Squeaky Toy to surprise your furry friend with something new to play with. This line of products is designed to be very resilient. All the layers of this item are bonded and sewn together to make one Tuff Layer. The durable dog toys are designed to be able to withstand lots of chewing and playing over time. While the majority of toys have just one seam to hold them together, this company uses additional measures to secure the construction of every unit. Webbing is sewn around the edges of each one, the edges are then attached together to create each individual toy. Squeakers are stitched into pouches as an extra layer of safety. The Tuffy dog toys are machine washable and should be air-dried. This product can be played with both indoors and outdoors. It will be capable of handling constant chewing, pulling and playing as well as the outdoor elements.