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Feline Pine Natural Non-Clumping Cat Litter

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Product description

Feline Pine™ Non-Clumping Pine Pellet Litter

100% All-Natural Pine.  The best natural odor control without added fragrance

  • Natural with no harsh chemicals
  • Natural non-clumping cat litter is an effective odor eliminator that�s made with simple plant-based ingredients like natural pine shavings
  • It uses the odor fighting power of Natural Pine instead of harsh chemicals or synthetic perfumes
  • Best natural odor control with no added fragarances
  • Highly absorbent pine locks away odors
  • Lightweight so changing and refilling the cat litter box is fast and easy
  • Tough on odors, gentle on paws
  • Sustainably sourced without cutting down new trees
  • No dust and tracking
  • Fully absorbs urine

Our cats aren’t just pets, they’re members of our family. And just like the people we love, we want the very best for our feline companions. That’s why we developed 100% Natural Pine litter that eliminates odors naturally without any harsh chemicals or messy clouds of dust. So, if you take steps each day to keep your home healthy and chemical-free, it’s time to choose a litter that will make your job easier. Feline Pine 100% Natural Litter is highly absorbent, low dust, and eliminates tough odors by naturally neutralizing strong odors on contact.