Kitty Power Paws Sunflower Playground Cat Tower

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Product description


This Sunflower Playground is sure perk up your livingroom with cheerful flowers and bring fun to your cats' playtime activity. 

  • Features super soft, vibrant, plush fabrics
  • Jute rope scratching posts offer an appealing texture to cats, curbing inappropriate scratching behaviors
  • Flower bed gives your kitty a place to perch and lounge
  • One plush, dangling, swat toy encourages kitty to play
  • Measures 23 ½” Long, 19 1/4” Wide, and 36 1/4” High

Loaded with features in a compact footprint, this scratcher includes sunflower bed, multiple jute posts and a sisal covered sunflower for extra paw exercise. The base is covered in a realistic faux-grass texture.  Divert your cats from the furniture and give them a dedicated place to play and scratch. Treat them - and yourself - to a friendly patch of sunflowers.