Canidae Active Goodness Salmon Dry Dog Food 30lb

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Product description

For Sporting, Activbe and Working Dogs:

Canidae Active Goodness with Salmon Meal formula is expert-formulated, making it the best pet food to support optimal metabolism and endurance for sporting, active and working dogs.

High quality, wholesome ingredients rich in essential amino acids and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids mean dog owners know they’re giving their pet the goodness they deserve with no corn, wheat, soy or other fillers. 

  • 0% protein maintains healthy, lean muscles, while 20% fat provides energy for exercise and activity, with over 70% protein from animal sources
  • The first ingredient is protein-packed salmon meal
  • Our dry dog food is made in the USA with high quality ingredients
  • Formulated without corn, wheat, soy, animal by product meal, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives 
(concentrated protein) Excellent protein source from salmon flesh tissue and skin and bones. Provides an excellent supply of amino acids to the diet and essential fatty acids such as EPA and DHA. Preserved without the use of ethoxyquin.